How The Physical Betting System Works

How The Physical Betting System Works

The Physical System starts from the premise that there may be an error associated with roulette; either on the ball, on the table or in the cylinder itself. The player’s task is to detect this flaw and use it to his advantage to obtain favorable results when betting. For the player to be able to apply this system correctly, a great capacity for observation and analysis is required.

The idea is that the player manages to detect the existing fault, and from there he can predict the numbers that may come out in the next spins. Therefore, it totally depends on the observation capacity of the player, and the existence of a real error. Attention to detail is essential, since small details can manifest minimal errors that must be exploited . Be it a jump on the part of the ball, a vibration when landing on a number, or a small splinter present in the cylinder; everything can influence the number that will stop the roll. The player must detect these imperfections and capitalize on them favorably.

Due to the exploitation of game imperfections, the Physical System cannot be applied to standard online roulette; but rather in the roulettes of physical casinos. Some players believe it is convenient to apply this system to live roulette, also achieving favorable results. However, it can be conclusively stated that it is aimed at land-based casinos . Where the player can be more in contact with the dealer and the playing area.

The nature of this roulette system allows it to be used in addition to other betting systems for roulette. The ideal is to apply several betting systems when playing in a group or in pairs since in this way each person can be in charge of a section of the roulette.

Example Of  Use Of  The Physical System

Let us suppose that the player, before placing his bet, realizes that there is a small hole in the roulette wheel. This has achieved that in the last 10 throws the ball tends to stop in the same area. This area is the one between numbers 17 and 13. In this case the player must maintain his observation for several more spins, until he is sure that this failure affects the spin of the roulette wheel.

If so, you have found the fault and understood how to use it. The next step is for the player to place a bet on all or more of the 9 numbers that comprise that area.

Advantages Of  The Physical System For Roulette

By comparing this system with other existing ones, it can be assured that its main advantage is that it can be used in conjunction with other systems . For example, the Physical System can be complemented using the Dealer’s Signature or Ballistic system. In this way, when combining several systems, the probabilities of obtaining a favorable result are increased.

Disadvantages Of  This System

The main drawback of the Physical System is that it totally depends on the observation capacity of the player; and what is worse, of the existence of failures in the roulette. By simply not being able to detect the faults you have, if they exist, the system could not be used.

And obviously, what is expected and most common is that the roulette does not have any failure . This means that the Physical system is totally useless. But if that error exists, it will be one of the most effective systems.

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