How The Memory Betting System Works

How The Memory Betting System Works

Although most roulette systems are based on positive and negative betting progressions, the memory system only works with observation. To put the Memory system into practice while playing online roulette, we must memorize the numbers that have come out in the last three previous spins . It is important that the numbers are different; so if during the last three spins the same number came out, only the spins where different numbers are obtained should be taken into account.

Example Of  Use Of The Memory System

For example, in the last spins, the winning numbers were 1, 16 and 29. The player must then place his bets leaving those numbers out.

To do this, you can choose the dozen or column that does not have them. Or you can choose to bet on sixes, squares, knights, crossbars or other bets, looking to cover the rest of the numbers.

Advantages Of The Memory System

The Memory system for online roulette offers players some advantages. Its use is recommended in a version of roulette that offers a lower house edge, such as European roulette or French roulette .

  • It just depends on remembering or writing down the last 3 different numbers that came up, so it is very easy .
  • It is a functional system, because you can place bets on groups of numbers. Which increases the chances of winning frequently, being more fun.
  • It can be used in conjunction with another progressive type roulette betting system . In these, the value of the bet is increased or decreased, depending on the result obtained in the previous spin.

Disadvantages Of This Betting System

The Memory system is not a complicated system to put into practice. However, it can be quite difficult to guess the winning number , just taking into account the previous three results. The player must bear in mind that this system is not infallible, and that it does not have a scientific basis to demonstrate its effectiveness. Just play around with the statistics.

Since it is recommended to place bets on groups of numbers, the bankroll must be in accordance with the bets to be made.

It is recommended that the player, before putting into practice the Memory system with real money, try some of the free versions of roulette. This will allow you to hone your dexterity, concentration and observation. That is why we recommend accessing one of our legal and reliable online casinos. There you will find the roulette simulator game for both trial and real money to test the Memory system.

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